The school has well stacked Library for Pre-primary, Primary and Secondary School Sections containing books on various subjects, magazines, newspapers and encyclopedias. The children are encouraged to utilize this facility to the fullest extent for updating their knowledge. The Library ensures that good reading habits are inculcated in students at a tender age.


The school has lab for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Home Science. The labs are well equipped with the equipments, specimens, chemicals / reagents and appliances. It is here that the students know how to apply practically the knowledge they have gained.

Computers With Multi Media

The school has admirable computer lab with networking which provide computer education to all students from Class I to Class X. Students here learn programming skills, create presentations and develop web pages.

Digital Learning

The school has audio visual aids like CD Players, Projector & MultiMedia and latest educational CDs to instruct education effectively.

Art & Craft

Art & Craft class is conducted by experienced faculty in well planned & spacious rooms.


Every year students keenly participate in several sports events like Kabaddi, Kho-kho, running race, basket ball, bicycle race, cricket, etc. The students of the school are indeed grateful towards the Physical Education teachers for their toil in making every child’s partaker.

Science And Technology Friendly School

To develop Scientific Temper Innovative thinking, the school is setting up a state of art science lab. Where the basic concepts of Physics, Chemistry, Electronics, Biology can be explored by the young and inquisitive minds.

Practical learning will be given prime importance to make our students fit enough to develop into future scientists and technocrats.

A Challenging Educational Environment

The school encourage lots of performance based assessment tests, unit tests, homework assignments, project works, club activities, personal hygiene education and dress maintenance. All the children are actively encouraged to participate in sports and games conducted by the school and also outside competitions which result in winning shields, cups and medals in the fields of sports, dance, drama, music and general proficiency etc. The school makes it an annual affair to conduct Science Exhibition and Annual day celebrations in January.


Parents may avail transport for their kids if it is convenient to them. The school will decide the routes and the stops at the beginning of the every academic year. Any change in the existing routes will be intimated to the parents. Precisely every measure is taken to ensure there’s no security lapse.

School Building

Since a sound body houses a sound mind, the school is sparing no effort to seek permission for all kinds of sporting activities. The building is taking an impressive shape and is made available for the students to pursue their sports opportunities, scientific activities, etc.,